The Event is canceled for this year. Thanks to all who entered and hopefully we see you next year.

A few things that may be helpful-
-We are now designated a state championship by the Governor of Missouri.
-Space will be at a premium so we are asking that only 1 vehicle be at the cook site. There will be plenty of parking available nearby for other vehicles.
-Due to insurance regulations, no golf carts etc will be allowed except for contest reps.
-Friday morning at 9 am the park will be available to set up. No Camping on Thursday night.
-There will be no assigned parking places except for the first 20 teams who are guaranteed electricity.
-Power may be available to more teams but that will not be known until contest time, however, 110-15amp will be available and please bring extension cords.
-This will be in a public park open to the public and we expect lots of people to be in and around the park all weekend so we would appreciate if alcohol is kept in the cooking area or the beer garden area and under no circumstances is alcohol to be given to the public.
-There will be 2 bands playing Friday night in the beer garden and quiet time will be after 11:00 pm.
-We are doing a Fried Chicken dinner Friday night for all contestants and all we ask is a rough head count to know how many to cook for so please email me back.
-We will once again be doing our breakfast fundraiser on Saturday morning for the teams.
-For those of you with childern we will provide free tickets to our waterpark which is located in Simpson Park for Friday and Saturday.
Welcome to Chillicothe and if you have any further questions feel free to email us at